New York folkie Steven Keene releases single “By Your Side”

From “New Jersey Stage: Daily Edition,” November 5, 2019

New York folkie and singer-songwriter Steven Keene knows that knocking back a glass of bourbon to a sad song is like therapy for love and lust gone awry. Like a whiskey-Freud with songs to heal the lecherous heart, Keene prescribes a dose of love-lost drinking songs on his upcoming EP. The collection of originals will be released as a series of singles over the next few months, with one new track slated to drop every three weeks and the first single “Don’t Blame It on the Alcohol” came out earlier in October.

The second single to drop is “By Your Side” (released November 8th) a piano-infused ballad asking an estranged lover how she could let it go and throw it all away. Keene’s lyric asks, “Didn’t I give all I had to give? Didn’t I love all I had to love? Wasn’t I always there by your side?”

“It’s another drinking song, but a more reflective one,” says Keene “It’s about that feeling when you lost someone and your biggest problem is that your mind is just so sucked on it all the time, and you’re always thinking about it as opposed to moving on …always coming back to it. You know, how to navigate those nagging questions: ‘What did I do wrong? How can I make it right? What should I do? What’s my next step? Should I text her? Email? Maybe I can just …you know, all that miserable stuff.”… (continued)