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Steven Keene: Them & Us Key Image COMING SOON! New 8-song album due Friday, November 13.
  1. 1. Save Yourself (Preview) Steven Keene 0:43
  2. 2. Them & Us (Preview) Steven Keene 0:50
  3. 3. Cause I Can't Have You (Preview) Steven Keene 0:38
  4. 4. She Ain't Right For Me (Preview) Steven Keene 0:29
  5. 5. I'll Be There For You (Preview) Steven Keene 0:31
  6. 6. We'll Find A Way (Preview) Steven Keene 0:45
  7. 7. It's Why I Am Who I Am (Preview) Steven Keene 0:42
  8. 8. It's Not You, It's Me (Preview) Steven Keene 0:37

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"Cause I Can't Have You"

Cause I Can't Have You: Album Disc
Cause I Can't Have You: Album Cover


When a new relationship merely becomes a placeholder in the wait for the magic of a lost love's return.

Set at Levon's Barn (the famous Woodstock venue established by the late Levon Helm of The Band), the nostalgic storyline recalls an instant love connection on a serendipitous summer night and a romance that becomes mythologized. The classic lovesick ballad will hit those who have carried an unrequited flame as a devotee to tend to the embers of lost love.

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“Undeniably attuned to our society’s current tiresome psychic ills, Keene articulates with thought-provoking musical expression.”

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Singer/songwriter Steven Keene joined The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz for the 147th episode via FAB Radio International.

News ALBUM-Them & Us: Cover


Performer and Songwriter Steve Keene to Release New Album "THEM & US"

News ALBUM-Them & Us: Cover

Steven Keene Set To Release New Album, “Them & Us”

Indie singer-songwriter and recording artist, Steven Keene, is set to introduce his latest studio recording, THEM & US,* in mid-November.

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Steven Keene joined The Sports Guys Podcast. Be sure and tune in to hear from a terrific singer-songwriter in the genre of folk-rock!

News Them & Us Cover: Steven Keene

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On Racial Injustice: Steven Keene Asks "How Wide is the Divide?" in New Song "Them & Us." Keene wrote and recorded the song...

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Join The Chris & Sandy Show Podcast for a great conversation with singer, songwriter, Steven Keene.


About Steven Keene

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Steven Keene began his career by playing folk clubs and cafes in Greenwich Village in the early 90's. His upcoming album, Them and Us, is indicative of a deeply personal renaissance Keene has been undergoing as an artist - set for release later in 2020.