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  1. By Your Side

The Players

Steven Keene: Vocals, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar
Michael Byrnes: Mandolin
Joseph Chiarolanza: Bass
Joseph DeMaio: Guitar, Mandolin
Steve Holley: Drums
Layonne Holmes: Background vocals
Jeff Levine: Keys
Joseph Napolitano: Pedal Steel
Matt O’Ree: Guitar
Marc Ribler: Guitar
Rich Scannella: Drums
Lisa Testa: Background vocals
Michele Weir: Background vocals
Arne Wendt: Keys

Recorded and Mixed by: Shorefire Recording Studios
Photos by: Impressions Photo and Video (Front Cover), Carmela Caracappa (Back Cover)

Written and produced by Steven Keene

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By Your Side

Release Date : August 11, 2019
Artist : Steven Keene
Format : CD