Colts Neck-based singer-songwriter Steven Keene releases EP, 'It Is What It Is'

From “TAPinto,” January 10, 2020

Veteran folkie and singer-songwriter Steven Keene knows that knocking back a glass of bourbon to a sad song is like therapy for love and lust gone awry. Like a whiskey-Freud with songs to heal the lecherous heart, Keene prescribes a dose of original love-lost drinking songs on his upcoming EP It Is What It Is (out January 10th, 2020 on ONErpm).

The third single, “She Used Me, I Used Her…”, is a moody Americana track with dramatic cymbal crashes, crooning pedal steel, and lyrics that reflect a romance steeped in opportunism and apathy. Keene introduces the first chorus: “They said it’s wrong, but we didn’t care. She used me, and I used her, but no one cared.”

“I was on a train headed east and sat down next to a woman named Shirley,” Keene recollects. “She was very friendly and opened up pretty quick. She began to tell me about her life and her current boyfriend. You see, Shirley is 67 and she’s dating a 29-year-old guy. She was open and honest about the terms of their relationship. I got to thinking that this would make for a good song. And here it is, in reverse. Thanks, Shirley.”…