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"Une chanson sur la perte, la perte d’un proche, une relation, un emploi ou encore la fin d’une amitié, c’est comme cela que...

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New Jersey Stage

Colts Neck-based singer-songwriter Steven Keene has never been big on offering up explanations or meaning behind his songs.


Cheers to the Vikings

“…A beautiful and unique song with original and deep lyrics...artists like Steven Keene, their music never die. The most beautiful thing about this...

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The Aquarian

"... produced it himself down the shore in Long Branch with a bevy of sounds like mandolin, pedal steel, and keyboards in obeyance...

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"Steven Keene is a singer and songwriter who has a talent for storytelling as well as a talent for tapping into the hungers...

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The Aquarian

"...After listening to songs like “Can’t See It When You’re In It,” “Don’t Blame It On The Alcohol,” “By Your Side,” “Far Better...


About Steven Keene

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Steven Keene began his career by playing folk clubs and cafes in Greenwich Village in the early 90's. His latest album, Them and Us, is indicative of a deeply personal renaissance Keene has been undergoing as an artist.



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