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Tap Into

A true songwriter’s songwriter, Keene, has focussed himself for most of his career on honing the craft of songwriting and collaboration with other...

Feature American Songwriter nov-dec-2019

American Songwriter

When talking about the songwriting process, Keene explains he has no particular steps to follow and often lets inspiration take the lead.


New Jersey Stage

Like a whiskey-Freud with songs to heal the lecherous heart, Steven Keene prescribes a dose of original love-lost drinking songs on his EP,...


The Link News

The refreshingly peculiar aspect of Keene’s distinctive lyrical style is its capacity to conjure that universally relatable imagery of love, loss, and longing...



"A somewhat romantic song but very honest. His low tones over a piano heavy melody blends perfectly together with the harmonies in the...


Michael Doherty’s Music Log

"Steven Keene is a talented singer and songwriter based in New York. He’s been performing and recording since the early 1990s."


About Steven Keene

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Steven Keene began his career by playing folk clubs and cafes in Greenwich Village in the early 90's. His latest album, Them and Us, is indicative of a deeply personal renaissance Keene has been undergoing as an artist.