Sonic Live Media Interview with Steven Keene

From “Sonic Live Media,” June 15, 2020

I had the chance to sit down with Americana Folk Artist Steven Keene to talk about his latest record, “It Is What It Is.”

Brooke: I wanted to talk about your recent album, “It Is What It Is.” It’s largely considered your comeback album. What was the inspiration behind it, And how does it compare and contrast with your upcoming album “Them and Us?”

Steven: “It Is What It Is,” I hadn’t really put out an album in a while and I just sorta slowly got back to writing last year and we released that in January. And that’s just a collection of songs that are, I don’t know, it there’s a country song on there. There’s a variety of songs. I’m from that folky vein, you know? As a singer-songwriter from Greenwich, I was playing in Greenwich village for years. And guys like Dylan, Leonard Cohen, that whole genre of the style of music is always what I’ve been attracted to. And the difference really between them and us, is it’s a continuation really of just songs that are observational, and also the “Them And Us” album, the title track, which I’m recording tomorrow is, a kind of a protest song. But it’s of the folk kind of vein, about racism in America…


Sonic LIve Media-Steven Keene Interview-20-06-05