Singer-songwriter Steven Keene set to release new EP "It Is What It Is"

From “New Jersey Stage: Daily Edition,” December 18, 2019

Veteran folkie and singer-songwriter Steven Keene knows that knocking back a glass of bourbon to a sad song is like therapy for love and lust gone awry. Like a whiskey-Freud with songs to heal the lecherous heart, Keene prescribes a dose of original love-lost drinking songs on his upcoming EP It Is What It Is (out January 10th, 2020 on ONErpm).

The third single, “She Used Me, I Used Her…”, is a moody Americana track with dramatic cymbal crashes, crooning pedal steel, and lyrics that reflect a romance steeped in opportunism and apathy. Keene introduces the first chorus: “They said it’s wrong, but we didn’t care. She used me, and I used her, but no one cared.”…