Steven Keene Releases "Save Yourself" - A Single For These Panicked Times

From “New Jersey Stage: Daily Edition,” April 23, 2020

Colts Neck-based singer-songwriter Steven Keene has never been big on offering up explanations or meaning behind his songs. Everybody’s got their own personal take on them, so less is more when it comes to revealing his own personal experience behind any given lyric or refrain. But the refreshingly peculiar aspect of Keene’s distinct lyrical style has always been his poetic capacity to conjure universally relatable imagery – of love, of loss or longing –  the well-crafted art of his storytelling that lets listeners connect with and interpret songs through their own lived experience.

It would seem Keene has now put an uncanny interpretive finger on the panicked pulse of our current collective experience with his latest single “Save Yourself” (to be released May 15th, 2020 on Symphonic). The timely blues- rock anthem reads like a sardonic sign of the times, casting a critical eye on the hypocritical side of human nature …as a self-obsessed and virtue signaling society turns from sanctimonious cries to “save the world” on social media to frantic displays self-preservation the moment times get tough…